Posted on May 6, 2021

Grand Strand Heating And Cooling

7 Signs Air Conditioner Repair Is Needed

Summer is close by but is your air conditioner in good shape? It is important to make the necessary repairs and maintenance while summer isn’t completely here yet. Call your local air conditioner repair expert to have your unit checked out before summer comes.
Here are some tips on how to figure out if your AC needs repairs:

You are getting warm air instead of cold
If you feel that warm air is coming out of your air conditioner, check the thermostat. In most cases, the thermostat was just not dialed incorrectly. However, if the thermostat is working fine but the AC just won’t provide enough cooling, call your local HVAC contractor.
Your AC unit short cycles
Short cycling is when your air conditioning unit fails to complete a full cycle. A full cooling cycle takes place from the moment the AC is turned on. After the system powers on, it provides cooling to reach the desired temperature set on the thermostat.
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